The Gobble Days of Yore

With Thanksgiving just around the corner I began to think of those of my past. The best I recall was when I was active duty and lived on base.  I was saving my leave time for Christmas, so I hosted the holiday in my quarters for anyone in my unit that was not going on leave.  I had seventeen Marines, their spouses and children over and we were reminded that we were a family.  We stuck together, took care of one another.  While the evening was winding down I made up two plates with all the fixing and delivered them to the sentries on duty at the front gate.  You want to make anyone on active duty smile?  Bring them a plate of home cooking!  Food is more than just nourishment for our bodies.  We “break bread” in fellowship, we incorporate it in times of joy and sorrow, acknowledge it as symbols of our faith within our spiritual belief systems and rely on its medicinal properties.  I remembered one of Norman Rockwell’s paintings called “Freedom From Want” and wondered what the  thought process was behind the art.  During my quest for insight I came across someone else’s blog about this very same piece of art.  I was so impressed with the historical connection that I wanted to share it.  I know that I couldn’t have done this blogger justice by using my own words to summarize the content, so please use this link to read on:






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