Meats of Montreal

Schwartz’s Deli has been serving the best smoked meat from their original recipe of spices since 1928. Located in Montreal, Quebec Canada on le boulevard Saint Laurent, it has been in the same spot since it opened. They don’t use any chemicals to smoke the meat, they do it the old-fashioned way by using their special blend of herbs and spices and marinating it for ten (10) days. The meat is smoked daily, contains no preservatives, and is tender beyond belief. Being a carnivore I can say with all certainty that it is unlike any other meat I’ve ever tasted. There is usually a line out the door and down the block but I happened to have some local knowledge regarding the best time to go. I was salivating as soon as I approached the display window full of hanging smoked sausages, chickens and briskets, and big beautiful jars of bright red and yellow peppers. Once I stepped inside I was immediately intoxicated with the savory, scent of tender smoked flesh and busted out into a full on drool. On sensory overload I looked like a deer in car high beams when the person behind the counter asked for my order. I just wanted everything. I wanted to sit down at a table, strap on a bib and a feed bag and not leave until I burst. I ordered sliced smoked meat to go, grabbed a half loaf of rye bread, a bottle of their special mustard, went back to my hotel room and savored every bite. Had I stayed there to eat I would have been reenacting the scene from “When Harry met Sally” when they’re in a deli having lunch and Sally fakes an orgasm. I moaned after every bite and closed my eyes as I chewed each mouthful. Every one of my senses was electrified….it was sinful. I stopped there prior to leaving for home and purchased a beautiful brisket (vacuum sealed) and two of their seasoning s. I can NOT wait to steam that meat & relive the moment. Going to Schwartz’s will definitely be a reoccurring event in my life!


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