Cooking for One

Cooking for one is not something to which I am accustomed.  In fact, I wasn’t very good at it until last night.  I was contemplating going out to eat since I didn’t have anyone to cook for but am usually disappointed when I do that.  The dish descriptions on the menu are always more appetizing than the actual food.  I decided to just cook for myself.  Stopping at the grocery store I found it challenging to find a small portion of something…anything.  I went to the produce section and picked out a small, ripe avocado and some baby spinach.  I lingered by the fish counter thinking I’d treat myself to some scallops or perhaps a lovely tuna steak but nothing really jumped out at me.  Strolling over to the dairy aisle I picked up a block of feta cheese and contemplated the contents of my cart……avocado, spinach and feta.  That would make a nice salad, but I wanted some protein.  On my way back to the fish counter I passed a meat case with a package of 2 center cut steaks wrapped in bacon.  PERFECT!  Getting inspired I found some gnocchi and headed to the check-out counter.  On my way home I picked up some wine, a nice zinfandel by Ravenswood and got very excited to get cooking!

Once I got in the door I didn’t even change my clothes…just kicked off my heels and got the water started for the gnocchi.  I coated a frying pan with extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and Montreal steak seasoning and put a medium-high flame under it.  I poured myself a glass of wine, cut some cheese, and sliced the avocado.  When the pan was hot enough I carefully added the steaks and covered them.  The sizzle was substantial and I knew I was going to get a good sear.  The water was boiling and ready for the gnocchi.  Just a few minutes later I flipped the steaks and recovered the pan. Snacking on my feta and avocado I smiled and giggled.  Go out to eat?  What was I thinking?  I carefully plated the meal.  A nice helping of gnocchi, steak in the center, avocado slices like flower petals surrounding it, crumbled feta over everything and a drizzle of meat juice and olive oil.  Rather proud of my creation I realized that there was a second helping that would be my lunch the following day.  I took my first bite and thought, “cooking for one isn’t so bad after all….oh crap I forgot about the spinach.”


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