Crisco – FAT IN A CAN!


I think that Crisco has gotten a bad wrap over the years. Everyone is so concerned about trans fats, saturated fats, is it gluten-free? Low-carb? No animal products please, I’m a vegan. Well, I understand if there is a legitimate health/nutritional issue beyond your control, but if there isn’t then why is everyone torturing themselves with all of these restrictions?

Crisco was my grandmother’s sectret…well, Crisco and bacon grease!  She used bacon grease in almost everything and in the rest she used Crisco.  Granted, then fact that my mother no longer has a gall bladder is a good indication that too much of anything isn’t a good thing, but did you know that Crisco is not terrible for you at all and it has multiple functions?


Who knew that it cleared up bags under your eyes or softened scaly feet? All I know is that as Minny said in the video clip, there’s nothing like fried chicken, chicken fried in Crisco. It makes dough light, sweet and fluffy and the next time I have a sticky/squeaky door hinge I’m not reaching for the WD-40, I’m going for the Crisco!


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  1. Have you seen that scene in “The Help” where they talk about the wonders of Crisco? I wonder what’s worse, some good ole animal fat or the unpronounceable unnatural preservatives pumped into all of our food?

    1. ncnfoodie says:

      Yes – the YouTube link in the blog take you rto that scene! I’d rather have animal fat in my food than the hormone and chemical infested crap that’s pumped into it these days. That’s why I buy from local farmers & rarely go out to eat. At least I know what’s in the food I make!

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