Looking for something to do with those leftover packets of soy sauce from your chinese take-out? Are the leftover mustard packets from random sandwich shops taking over your refrigerator? Don’t throw them away – create something yummy! While making a salad for myself at work today I realized I didn’t have any dressing. I could have walked down to the cafeteria and purchased some, but deciding that it would take more effort then I was willing to put forth, I foraged in the fridge for something to create. There are usually several containers of dressings left over from lunch meetings, but I do believe that I pitched them in my most recent feng shui attack. Not to worry my hunt proved successful as there was a plethora of mustard and soy sauce packets! All I did was mix two of each together and it was the perfect amount of dressing for my steamed spinach & tofu salad. It was sweet & tangy….a perfect blend of flavors. Here’s the best part – this ratio/combo is only 20 calories (5 calories per packet)! If you’re watching your weight, foods like dressings and sauces are ALWAYS going to bite you in the end. You can make a perfectly portioned, nutritious salad and then ruin it by drowning it in a creamy dressing, most of which ends up dripping down your chin and onto your (dry clean only) pants and later, onto the hips you’re trying to reduce in width.

This makes one serving. If you like it, then make a batch and have it any time. It would be a fantastic marinate for fish or meat (red or white). Aren’t you glad I was too lazy to walk down the hall to the cafeteria? I am!


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