St. Paddy Soup

I can tolerate many things in life, but wasting food is NOT one of them. Some people love leftovers and gobble them up within a day or two, while others despise food the day after and just toss the extras away.  Then there are those that plan on eating the leftovers, pack them away safely in the refrigerator, forget about them and they end up turning into science experiments instead of sumptuous next day suppers. 

There always seem to be a plethora of leftover potatoes & cabbage long after the corned beef has been devoured.  Instead of putting them in the fridge and forgetting about them dump them in a pot with the liquid that you cooked the St. Patrick’s Day meal in and make a soup!  If your soda bread is going stale slice it, toast it, cube it and make crouton!  Put it in small containers, pop it in the freezer and have it whenever you want.  The point is NOT to waste the food that you spent your hard-earned money on and have something delicious at your fingertips!

Leftover veggies:


Into the pot and heat through:


Put in the blender & puree:


Beautiful puree:


Top with soda bread crouton:



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