Let Me Clarify……

How do you get a gorgeous reddish-brown and crisp skin on your poultry? Use clarified butter my dear!

  1. Brine your chicken or turkey for 24 hours.  You could keep it simple with a basic salt & water brine or you can add oranges & lemons with dark brown sugar and fresh herbs (rosemary, sage & thyme) or use homey instead of sugar.
  2. Air-dry the turkey after brining for another 24 hours. This additional step is necessary. Super-dry skin is one of the main factors that ensures a super-crispy skin when the turkey roasts.
  3. Roast at high heat, all the way through. Many turkey recipes call for starting out the oven at 450°F, and then reducing the temperature after 30 minutes or so but by keeping the temperature at 450°F throughout the cooking process. The high heat helps cook the bird quickly and turn a gorgeous reddish-brown, while the brining ensures that the meat stays juicy.
  4. Brush with clarified butter. The water content in regular butter can prevent the bird from turning crisp and the milk solids in butter burn at high temperatures. Clarified butter is pure butterfat, so it helps the skin turn extra-crispy without getting scorched.

Bring 3 sticks of butter to room temperature

Dec.1.2014 148

Chop the butter and melt slowly over low heat

Dec.1.2014 151

Once fully melted, let the butter stand for 5-10 minutes (until the milk solids form). Pour into a glass covered in cheesecloth.

Dec.1.2014 155

The milk solids will stay on top of the cheese cloth leaving you with a glass full of clarified butter.  Place in a sealed mason jar and keep in the refrigerator for up to one (1) month.



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