The Feast of St. Patrick Part 2

According to the History Channel, “Corned beef and cabbage is as Irish as spaghetti and meatballs.”  It goes on to explain as to why and how the Irish adapted and adopted this classic dish to celebrate St. Patrick.

“Irish immigrants to America lived alongside other “undesirable” European ethnic groups that often faced discrimination in their new home, including Jews and Italians. Members of the Irish working class in New York City frequented Jewish delis and lunch carts, and it was there that they first tasted corned beef. Cured and cooked much like Irish bacon, it was seen as a tasty and cheaper alternative to pork. And while potatoes were certainly available in the United States, cabbage offered a more cost-effective alternative to cash-strapped Irish families. Cooked in the same pot, the spiced, salty beef flavored the plain cabbage, creating a simple, hearty dish that couldn’t be easier to prepare.”

Quite frankly, I’m not very concerned about the origins of the dish.  I just like to make it and eat it!  I prefer to cook it slowly in my crock pot.  For me, preparing the meal, experiencing the aromatics as it permeates the house all day, makes me look forward to the meal even more.  It’s aromatherapy to me.  Perhaps some essential oil companies should start creating comfort food scents.  I’m not suggesting that anyone will want to dab a drop or two on their neck to smell of corned beef and cabbage all day, however, I do enjoy when my hands smell of garlic basil or rosemary even after I’ve washed my hands.  Something to think about…..

Here’s my FAVORITE method for preparing the beloved corned beef and cabbage.


  • 1 package of corned beef
  • 1 small head of cabbage
  • water
  • carrots
  • red potatoes


  • Place the corned beef in the crock pot, add the seasoning pack and add enough water to cover the meat.
  • Cover and cook on low for 6 hours.
  • At the 4 hour mark add the cabbage (chopped into large chunks).
  • After the meat is finished cooking transfer the juices into a medium pot.
  • Add your chopped red potatoes and carrots to the pot and cook until fork tender.
  • Feast on the deliciousness!

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