Soups, Sauces and Condiments from Spice It Up

If you’re looking for some unique and delicious gifts for your fiends and family this holiday season I strongly suggest and highly recommend a great gourmet spice and condiment shop on Long Beach Island, Spice It Up.  Can’t get to LBI?  No problem – they have an online store as well:

There’s a little bit of everything including gluten-free, no-sodium, non-GMO soups like Potato Leek and Quinoa Vegetable. These are good on their own or use them as a base and add in your desired extras.  Have leftover mashed potatoes or vegetables that need to be used before they perish?  Add the mash to the potato leek soup to thicken it up and fresh leeks for extra flavor. I also added mashed sweet potatoes, quinoa and one can of cannellini beans to the quinoa vegetable soup to make it more of a thick, stew-like side dish.

Let’s talk dessert…..

The Three Chili Chocolate Sauce is rich and decadent with a little bit of heat at the end. I added 1/2 cup of this sauce to a box of brownie mix, baked it according to the directions then topped it with the sauce and powdered sugar for a sweet & spicy treat.

The Caramel Cream Sauce is equally as delicious with nothing but thick creamy sweetness in every bite.  I added 1/2 cup to one box of white cake mix, baked it in a mini cupcake pan then topped them with the sauce and powdered sugar. A simple, easy dessert that is a real crowd pleaser!

Now THIS has got to be one of my favorites……

TripleAleOnionSavorySpreadW_1024x1024_4adb2277-c9a0-45a9-a854-8867614aaf7c (1)

This spread is so versatile!  Use it as a spread or dip, add it to a sauce or soup for extra flavor, or pour it over meatloaf, meatballs chicken or fish! remember, the holidays are stressful enough…make cooking easier with these great products and more from Spice It Up!



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